Designs, Designs, Designs..

You may be wondering where and how we produce our products and who actually comes up with all the designs?

No problem - here we have the answers for you!

We are a family start-up company from Hamburg - and this is exactly where we have made it our task to put our ideas on paper!

Each and every one of our products is designed by ourselves , including our logo, because that's how it all started! But that's another story that we'd rather tell you another time...

Now back to the topic:

Once a design is in place, products are made from it at various locations in Asia.

For many products, however, we only order individual parts and we then manufacture them here personally by hand .

The whole process from the development of a small idea, to the finished design, to the shiny product is usually a really long way.

We are all the happier every time we can present you one of our latest creations!

Thank you for your support and all the cool feedback!

Your Rock & Steel team